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Plans and Pricing
One-on-one / 1 - hour session:  $60

Package of 10:  1 hour sessions:  $480
(20% savings)

Food Explore:  $50 / hour:  We go to the supermarket with you, either in person or remotely (depending on your location),  to explore food options,  teach you about what is really in the food you're buying and give you healthy options that will make your journey enjoyable and doable.


Clean the cupboard:  $50 / hour:  We join you virtually in your kitchen and help you assess what is in your cupboards.   

The 90-Day Diet:  COMING JUNE 17TH, 2022!! Gives you a detailed guide on what to eat as well as easy, healthy recipes to help you meet your goals. 

90 Day Food Tracker: Exercise Log and Grocery List:    Buy HERE  

How I Cured My Autoimmune Diseases:  Buy HERE  

Don't have Paypal?  No Problem.  Pay Now  on Venmo (scan with phone):


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